Youth Ministry: Home

HYG exists to Love, Accept, Serve, and Train with teens’ families as we seek to Glorify God.
God’s greatest command for His people to Love God, Love People. Our attempt to love our students manifests itself through healthy and intentional relationships developed between our staff and volunteers with the families of our youth ministry. Huddles is a great example of an event designed to “love” our students.
One of our greatest individual needs is the necessity of feeling accepted and included. HYG intends to help students who may need feel at home in church feel accepted through events they would generally like to attend as they get to know us. These events come in the form of summer trips to Six Flags or a Texas Rangers game, game or movie nights, or picnics.
Perhaps the greatest way to lead the next generation away from self-indulgence is by allowing them to experience the beautiful opportunity of serving others. HYG is often involved in local service opportunities, as well as annual mission trips.
Judges 2:10 says this: “After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel.” A terrifying reality in 2015 USA is that many young people do not read/know the Bible. It is very important to Hillcrest that we train (1) parents how to train their children and (2) children to know the story of our God.

The Hillcrest Youth Group exists to Love, Accept, Serve, and Train with teens’ families as we seek to Glorify God. HYG is made up of middle school and high school students mostly affiliated with families who attend Hillcrest Church of Christ. Hillcrest views youth ministry as an opportunity to reinforce what parents are already teaching their kids at home about our God. There is no way the church can replace the influence of parents, but we welcome a partnership between the church and home.

The youth ministry team at Hillcrest seeks to assist as families grow their children into a generation that makes LASTing changes in this world. Not necessarily in a conventional way, but in such a way that leaves the world closer to Christ than when they met it. As lofty as this goal is, anything is reachable with God’s help. At Hillcrest Church of Christ we know that we cannot achieve everything, or anything for that matter, on our own. But we depend on the one who created us to make a LASTing change in each individual in our group.