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University Ministry: 2017-2018

The school year is here! We are excited to begin the new year here in Abilene! We will be very active throughout the school year with on-campus prayer chapel on Thursdays, bible studies, LIFE Groups that meet on Sunday nights, Wednesday night spotlight class and worship and much MUCH more!

CLASS RECORDINGS: Click here if you are interested in following the conversation!


We are dedicated to service to students, to our community of faith, and to the larger community in Abilene.
 In an effort to raise money for our Mission trips, we are asking for donations in return for services rendered! If you have anything that needs to be done we want to help! It’s easy, email justinhat@gmail.com with your service request and we’ll make it happen!
 This semester on Sunday morning, in addition to delicious donuts, you will feast on God’s WORD as we explore Hebrews 11 in our series “By Faith!” Wednesday nights are all about sharing YOUR story! Come hear about the spiritual journeys of others and share your own.
If you have missed a class or simply want the material for yourself please click here to download Justin’s notes. Please note: These are not fully edited and completed.

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